About Me

Training dogs and being around them makes me feel alive, the bond and connection with them is priceless. I have always known I wanted to spend my life working with dogs and helping owners to build their bond and connection but most importantly to have fun together.

I believe training is play, and therefore play is training.

In training we work on progress and setting each dog and owner up for success.

Dog Training is a journey not a destination. 


From the moment I was born I’ve grown up with dogs of varying breeds, Afghans, Whippets, Pointers to Springer Spaniels to name a few. I have always had a huge love and passion for dogs.

After serving over 11 years in the Police Service it was soon after I left I got another family pet dog.

I began my learning about dogs from a very young age and continue my development which has provided me with knowledge and further understanding of dogs. I strive to continue to learn more about dogs, new skills and training abilities. This is evident in the continuation of  the high number of quality courses I attend, reading books, watching videos, webinars and attend training with my own dogs.

I continue learning to be able to provide the best level of training for each and every dog and owner.  

Animal Trainer of the Year

IMDTB Canine Behaviour Diploma Level 4


Powder Animal Photographer

Dog Training Services of the Year

Canine Hoopers World Instructor & Assessor

Home Owner Trained Assistance Dog 

IMDT Qualified

Kids Around Dogs Expert Trainer

Canine First Aid Trained

IMDT Dog Training & Behaviour Level 3

Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer