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Founder, Creator & Head Trainer

“I believe that the best training comes through play, and therefore play is vital to training. In training we work on the relationship with your dog, as well as skills progress. This sets each dog and owner up for success. Dog Training is always a journey together, not a destination.”

I have been working with dogs for nearly a decade, and am a fully qualified IMDT Instructor, Canine Hoopers World Instructor and Assessor, and KAD (Kids Around Dogs) teacher. 

I have worked with a large number of families including many with children, and strongly encourage children to be a part of the dog’s training journey. This way, children have a better understanding and relationship with their family dog. I work with children of all ages, including neurodiverse children, and even been part of helping children train their dogs as Home Owner Trained Assistance Dogs.

From the moment I was born, I’ve grown up with dogs of varying breeds; From Afghans, to Whippets, to Pointers, to Springer Spaniels to name but a few. I have always had a huge love and passion for dogs. I began learning about dogs from a very young age, and even through other careers, continued learning which developed into a wide range of knowledge and understanding about dogs. I always strive to continue learning more about these wonderful animals, continuously developing new skills and training abilities. I often attend training with my own dogs, read the latest dog training theory books, and keep up to date with expert-led dog training, both in-person courses, and via Webinars.

Training dogs and being around them makes me feel alive, and I have always known that I really wanted to spend my life working with dogs. I love to help owners build a bond and connection with their dogs through nurturing both of their strengths, and building their dog’s confidence through play.

My training abilities and level of service, are one of the many reasons why I have been recognised both nationally and regionally as an award winner. I continue developing to be able to provide the best level of training for each and every dog and owner, and I would love to work with you too!

Animal Trainer of the Year

IMDTB Canine Behaviour Diploma Level 4

Absolute Dogs

Pro Dog Trainer



Dog Training Services of the Year x3

Canine Hoopers World Instructor & Assessor


Powder Animal Photographer

IMDT Qualified

Kids Around Dogs Expert Trainer

Home Owner Trained Assistance Dog 

IMDT Dog Training & Behaviour Level 3

Kids Around Dogs Dogs in School Professional Course

Canine First Aid Trained


I have always had a great love for dogs and I enjoy the company of my own dog Harper who has taught me so much. My dog training journey is full of passion and dedicating myself to helping dogs and their owners to have a happy, healthy life together.

I am proud to be a fully qualified IMDT professional dog trainer and qualified Behaviourist. This allows me to fulfil my dream of working with dogs or all breeds and ages. My core belief is that every dog should be celebrated for their uniqueness. 

I follow the IMDT codes of ethics and therefore act with honesty, integrity and in the best interest of the dog, owner and the public. Making sure that the training techniques shared are scientifically proven and force free.
I have been a volunteer with Guide Dogs as a Sighted Guide for over a year. During this partnership I have the privilege to spend time with owners with sight loss and give their service dog some time off work and be a dog, to run and play.

I continue with my own professional development through self-study, workshops, courses and seminars to ensure I am up to date with the latest studies and information. This allows me to best help dog owners and their companions to build a nurturing relationship and connection. 

IMDT Qualified Trainer 

Canine First Aid

Level 5 Diploma - Canine Behaviour Practitioner

Level 4 Diploma - Canine Welfare Training and Behaviour

Plumpton College – Introduction to Canine Behaviour

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