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Scent 1-1's

  • 30 minutes
  • 31 British pounds
  • Oaks Poultry Farm

Service Description

Personalised Scent Work Training 1-1 Sessions Embark on 30 minutes of dynamic, educational engagement filled with exhilarating learning experiences for both you and your dog or puppy. Sessions take place during the day at The Oaks Poultry Farm in Ditchling, available on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Tailored for owners seeking personalised training for their dogs/ puppy, these one-on-one sessions are particularly beneficial for those that prefer a more spacious environment or a more structured training session specific to them and this dog/ puppy Discover the benefits of scent work—a captivating dog sport skill. We provide pet dogs with the opportunity to delve into the world of scent work, a low-impact activity suitable for all breeds and ages. It's inclusive nature also caters to the needs of nervous or reactive dogs. Scent work has proven effective in resolving a multitude of behaviour issues, making it a valuable training approach. Our goal is to equip owners with the skills to engage in scent training activities with their dogs, mirroring the proficiency of working "Sniffer Dogs." If unsure if this is suitable for your dog/ puppy please contact us via our contact form or on 07718481899.

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