What our owners really think!

"Not all Super heroes wear capes….
Some arrive at your house wearing a dog whistle and a bum bag full of a variety of delicious dog treats. 
I called Rachel when the joys of owning an adolescent cockapoo had almost broken me. She listened to my concerns, gave me practical, realistic advice and suggested lots of ideas for enrichment games to play with my dog. Rather than paying for a “course” of training sessions, we just arranged them as required with Rachel always willing to answer questions, offer advice or celebrate any achievement (however small) in between times. This seemed a much better structure financially and practically. I was sent a very comprehensive summary after each training sessions and I signed up to do a Canine Hoopers course with Rachel which has been a great way to improve my dog’s obedience. 

Rachel’s input has dramatically improved my relationship with my dog as well as my confidence in my ability to train her. As Rachel would say, the aim is for progress not perfection and she has certainly enabled us to make huge progress" Jo

Dear Rachel, thank you SO much for all your help and advice with Rupert. I have adopted them and put them into practice and really see a difference with Rupert and his behaviour! He loves his time at Day Care and so do I, he loves his ball with treats in and spends time every day trying to retrieve the contents. The Licki Mat is good for when we eat out and I’m following your instructions with the Magic Mat, so far so good.

You have been so kind I feel I know I can contact you again if I have a problem.

I’m so pleased I found you and I certainly recommend you to anyone who needs advice from an expert dog trainer.

Best wishes"

Mary and Rupert x

"I found Rachel very friendly and engaging towards Arthur. Her advice and recommendations were spot on for our little boy. Thank you again for your help" Clive

"Rachel was recommended to us by a friend and we are SO glad we found her! Being first-time dog owners and having, at the time, a 12 week old Cockapoo (Jasper) we were quickly starting to feel very overwhelmed and struggling to find our way through a myriad of online and well-intentioned advice from friends. Rachel came in and could see how overwhelmed we were so took it right back to the start - what we were doing, what was working, what wasn't working, how we felt as individuals and as a family about Jasper. Using her expertise she explained what we needed to do, how we needed to take control and help Jasper regulate himself as well as praising us for the things we were doing really well. This made all the difference to how we were feeling. She came and took another session with our two boys involved and talked to them about what they needed to be doing around Jasper and set us all ground-rules which really helped - so much so they are now written up on our lounge door and we know to look at our checklist! It is obvious how much Rachel loves her job and how incredibly knowledgeable she is about dogs and what they need as well as what their Humans need to do for them. Rachel really does want every family to be happy and enjoy their dog owning experience. She has been amazing, going above and beyond by answering frantic what's app messages late in the evening when we've not known what to do! We really can't recommend Rachel highly enough. Thank you! x" Sally 

"Rachel has been absolutely amazing - as first time dog owners, the care she took to prepare us before his arrival as well as the confidence she has given all of us with our training journey has been invaluable. She adapts to suit the needs of the family (working so well with our boys who were a little over enthusiastic!) and pup, helping us regroup when we had a few blips and us to relax and enjoy training Bailey. I cannot recommend Rachel enough and will definitely be calling on her as we look to the next chapter!" Catherine

"We loved our first session with Rachel and all felt so much more confident afterwards. Kite responded so well to the guidance and input and it has made a big difference in how we approach him already - thank you!" Chloe

"Booking the training was a great idea! I learned so much of real value in the hour. The follow up report was provided the day after and is an invaluable go to guide for initial training needs/toys and other suggestions. I look forward to more training once Mo can get out and about! Thank you so much" Georgina

"We’re amazed by how much progress Rachel has helped us make with Bramble - the consultation was really well structured for what we needed to think about, and the fact we started putting in to practice things there and then has helped us build them quickly into our routine. The report is also jam-packed with specific ideas and guidance, which gives us great confidence that we’ll have a happy dog and happy family over the many years ahead together. Thank you" John

“We first met Rachel when we got our cockapoo puppy, Luna  I can honestly say she’s the dog she is because of Rachel’s outstanding training; She gave us the confidence to do it right and we’re so glad we did as she’s a gorgeous, well behaved, rounded dog. 

Rachel is an outstanding photographer.

We’re now on a new journey with Rachel; we’re part of duo on Canine Hoopers – first week in and we both loved it!  Rachel’s commitment to her clients and their dogs is remarkable, her love and dedication is truly amazing and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Rachel and her services” Sara

“We have recently joined Canine Hoopers with Rachel. This is a great fun agility/game training course which enables me to strengthen the bond I have with my dog by giving both of us confidence in our abilities in safe and secure surroundings. Great fun 100% recommended” Anita 

"We found Enriched Dog Training UK through a quick google search and I'm so glad we did! we needed help with our 6month old puppy who is a good boy he just gets a bit frustrated and excited. Rachel is so lovely and Phil loved her as soon as she came in, she quickly had him displaying good behaviours and encouraging him to continue them. We worked a bit on recall and she advised us on how best to build on what she had shown us. So funny and engaging and really made us feel like we were doing the right things but needed a helping hand doing them! Would recommend to anyone looking for a trainer!" Beth

"We had a great first session with Rachel, I found her to be very informative and helpful- she is so encouraging and works at our pace and I really appreciated that! She has a great way with dogs and our fur babies loved her from the start. We are so looking forward to more sessions with her!" Megan & Stuart

"Absolutely fantastic advice and a lovely warm and friendly approach - our puppy loved Rachel too!" Sally