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Training is a journey not a destination!

Quadruple Award Winner - National & Regional

Animal Trainer of the Year

South England Prestige Award Winner - Dog Training Services of the Year

South East England Innovation & Excellence Winner - Dog Training Services of the Year 

Pet Product & Services Awards Winner - Best Dog Training Services of the Year

5 Star Rated and Recommended IMDT Qualified Dog Trainer

Canine Hoopers World Instructor and Assessor

KAD Kids Around Dogs Approved Expert Trainer

KAD Kids Around Dogs School Dog Specialist

Pro Dog Trainer

Certified Powder Animal Photographer

Canine First Aid Trained

DBS Certified and Ex Services 

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We offer 121, group training sessions, and Behaviour modification programmes using only force-free positive reinforcement, reward based training, using modern scientifically proven methods

"Enriched Dog Training UK is known for its personal touch, professionalism, community feel and passion" 


Canine Hoopers

Get involved with this enriching fun, low impact dog sport suitable for all dogs and handlers!!

Everyone's invited!


Kids Around Dogs

Is your child worried around dogs?

Would you like to bring a dog into the family, but your child is unsure,  as a KAD expert we are here to help support and guide so you can all live in harmony

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm
Sat - Sun: 9am - 4pm

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