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Scent Detection

The sense of scent is paramount for dogs. Sniffing is not only highly stimulating and rewarding for them, but it also contributes to building their confidence and promoting relaxation.

Scent work, a dog sport that is both physically and mentally enriching, is suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds. It is particularly recommended for dogs that may exhibit reactivity.

Join our exclusive scent 1-1 sessions in our secure field within the South Downs.

Rachel our Head Trainer has crafted scent 1-1 sessions to offer owners the opportunity to provide positive scent experiences for their dogs. This involves teaching them to work and play with scent, addressing behavioural issues in pet dogs using scent.

Our 1-1 sessions ensure that owners and their dogs receive personalised scent training.


We focus on laying the foundations of scent detection and indication, setting up both owners and dogs for success.

Dogs will learn to search, find, and indicate pieces of red Kong, with the sizing of the Kong's tailored to the team's needs.


During owner 1-1 scent training, teams are introduced to various searches, including pipe, bag, chair, and vehicle searches, along with engaging multi searches.

Throughout your scent training journey with Rachel, she provides ongoing support, helping owners and offering equipment for practice at home between classes.


Join us in exploring the fascinating world of scent with your canine companion!

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