I understand that every owner and their dog or puppy needs vary and thats why I offer professional and personal 121 training sessions tailored to you and your dog or puppies needs

I provide and only use force-free positive reinforcement, reward based training using modern scientifically proven methods

Making training fun is not only a great way to build on your relationship with your puppy or dog but is also a great way to mentally enrich them. Dogs and puppies will feel relaxed, confident but also thrive and flourish in their training with Enriched Dog Training UK

I am here to help you build your toolbox of skills and knowledge about your dog or puppy. During your training journey with Enriched Dog Training UK you will grow in confidence, understand more about your dog or puppy but additionally the reasons why we teach a behaviour and the benefits from it

Playing training games with your dog or puppy a few minutes a day, a couple times throughout the day will truly make a difference

I am here to help you develop a happy confident dog or puppy and be the best owner

Being a qualified IMDT Dog Trainer I abide by the IMDT Code of Ethics and this is to train dogs professionally with honesty, integrity and in the best interest of the dog or puppy, owner, the public and The IMDT

I am proud to announce I am a double award winner:

Animal Trainer of the Year


Dog Training Services of the Year