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We specialise in offering personalised and professional 121 training, behaviour modification, specialised dog sports sessions, enrichment and puppy training tailored to you and your dog or puppy. 

We offer 30mins sessions in our training secure field which can be booked weekly or on an adhoc basis and also offer 1hour sessions whereby we come to owners homes and or meet in public place dependent on your dog/ puppy training needs. 

Our approach revolves around force-free positive reinforcement, utilising modern scientifically proven methods. We aim not only to enhance your dog's skills and wellbeing but also to deepen the bond and understanding between you and your dog.

Making training an enjoyable experience serves not only to strengthen your relationship but also to mentally enrich your puppy or dog. With Enriched Dog Training UK, dogs and puppies not only feel relaxed and confident but also thrive and flourish in their training.

Our mission is to assist you in developing your skills and knowledge about your dog or puppy. Throughout your training journey with Enriched Dog Training UK, you will gain confidence, understanding, and a stronger connection with your happy and confident canine companion.

Incorporating enrichment into your daily routine can make a significant difference.

As qualified IMDT Dog Trainers, we adhere to the IMDT Code of Ethics, professional training with honesty, integrity, and the best interests of the dog or puppy, owner, the public are always at the forefront. We actively promote force-free training methods and reject any approaches or equipment  and or techniques that may or do cause physical, pain or mental discomfort.

We remain available to offer support and assistance throughout your training journey between sessions.


For more information on how we can contribute to your dog's development, please reach out via our contact page link below. We eagerly anticipate being a part of your training journey.

What our owners really think!


Not all Super heroes wear capes….

Some arrive at your house wearing a dog whistle and a bum bag full of a variety of delicious dog treats.
I called Rachel when the joys of owning an adolescent cockapoo had almost broken me. She listened to my concerns, gave me practical, realistic advice and suggested lots of ideas for enrichment games to play with my dog. Rather than paying for a “course” of training sessions, we just arranged them as required with Rachel always willing to answer questions, offer advice or celebrate any achievement (however small) in between times. This seemed a much better structure financially and practically. I was sent a very comprehensive summary after each training sessions and I signed up to do a Canine Hoopers course with Rachel which has been a great way to improve my dog’s obedience.

Rachel’s input has dramatically improved my relationship with my dog as well as my confidence in my ability to train her. As Rachel would say, the aim is for progress not perfection and she has certainly enabled us to make huge progress

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