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Home Visits

Our home visits offer 5-star care with a qualified Animal Trainer, ensuring professional, loving nurturing care for your pet.

We customise home visits for your puppy or dog, catering to their individual needs.


Our goal is to provide them with the attention and enrichment to keep them happy and relaxed in your absence, all within the familiar comfort of their own home.

Following each visit, we will share a photos of your pet and provide you with an update on our time spent with them.

If you're interested in booking a home visit for your puppy or dog, please reach out to us via the provided link

£15 - up to 30mins (week day)
£20 - up to 60 mins (week day)*
£25 - up to 30 mins (weekend)
£30 - up to 60 mins (weekend)*

Additional pet - same household £10 per pet
*This includes an enrichment walk from owners home suitable for dogs or puppy needs (max on lead walk 30mins)

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