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House Keeping

When driving into and leaving the location please keep speed low, drive carefully people will be working and moving around as well as animals so please minimum speed, be respectful, courteous, and kind at all times.

1. Please arrive on time (No more than 5mins before class start time)
2. During the wet seasons please park by the haybales and walk up to the training area. 
3. Please bring your Dog/Puppy.
4. Dog/puppy must be on leads at all times (no loose dogs/puppies allowed to roam due to safety and livestock)
5. Dogs/puppies must wear either a flat collar and or Y/ H shaped harness (no choke chains, half choke chains or slip leads)

6. If anyone if found to be using pain, discomfort or force to train their dog they will be asked to stop and if continued will be removed from the training area. 
7. If your dog or puppy needs to wear a longline they must be wearing a harness, no longlines on collars.
8. Bring a treat pouch filled with lots and lots of your Dogs/puppies most favourite food and a toy that they love  (chicken, ham, cheese, hotdog, JR pet pate)
9. Clean up after your dog/puppy and take it away with you.
10. Children must be always supervised by an adult.
11. You are recommended to work on your training that is set each week for you and your dog/puppy at home.
12. You (the owner) are solely responsible for your dog/puppy, dogs/puppies health, wellbeing, and safety. Should your dog/puppy incur an injury or be injured whilst attending training Enriched Dog Training UK are not liable.
13. Female dogs in season will not be able to attend the training field.
14. Dogs urinating on equipment will be an instant - you bring cakes next week for class : )
15. Please keep 5 metre distance between other owners and dogs/puppies whilst passing. 
17. No smoking allowed at the location and or carpark.
18. When arriving and leaving please be careful and quiet as we wish to respect the owners and neighbouring properties.

19. You (the owner) are solely responsible for your vehicle and belongings and bring your vehicle onto the farm at your own risk.
20. We train in all weathers unless its unsafe to.
21. Most important…. HAVE FUN!!!

22. Terms and Conditions apply.

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