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Canine Hoopers

Canine Hoopers World is an amazing inclusive activity for dogs and their owners. Canine Hoopers combines a series of hoops, barrels and tunnels.

Dogs and their owners work together as a team to navigate the obstacles around courses. This helps building confidence whilst working in partnership and having lots of fun.

Hoopers is suitable for all breeds and ages of dogs and their owners. It is a low cost, low impact activity and everyone is invited!

Come join us in our dog training secure rural location in Mid Sussex, or in a secure large sand-school in Newick.

You won't be disappointed!

We even have a specialised Puppy Canine Hoopers World Class too!

As a Canine Hooper World Instructor and Assessor, I follow the code of conduct of Canine Hoopers World, and Canine Hoopers World progress awards.

I maintain a high level of professionalism, and use force free, modern training methods when teaching hoopers. The use of aversive methods is not permitted in our Canine Hoopers World Classes

I am proud to announce I am a double award winner:

Animal Trainer of the Year and 


Dog Training Services of the Year 


"Our 6 month old puppy absolutely loved his first session, as did we! Rachel supported us throughout as newbie's & is just the loveliest person. We're looking forward to seeing how well our pooch progresses on his hoopers journey!

Leonie Barber

"We met Rachel and Enriched training when we first got our lovely puppy for some one to one training for both us and our children. It was enlightening and helpful with such a patient and kind teacher. A while later we decided he needed a little more stimulation and to work harder for those treats . So Canine Hoopers was introduced. Our puppy loves it and has responded so well to all the exercises and commands he has been taught. It is a great addition to his day. I am sure he would like to have a good play with all the other participants but has settled down and seems to enjoy the activity. The kindness, encouragement, support and enthusiasm of Rachel and the rest of the participants is wonderful."

Karen Underwood

"Dalby and I started our Hoopers journey with the Introduction session, and were very quickly hooked - we look forward to it every week! Rachel's classes are engaging and so much fun, I never knew an hour could fly by so fast, and we really enjoy that the focus is having fun and working with your dog. Rachel works hard to encourage a positive and supportive environment, so both owners and dogs can relax and have fun! We HIGHLY recommend her, and have been passing the word on to all our doggy friends!"

Sofi Davies 

"Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks! Linus and I are really enjoying our Hoopers Training courses with Rachel. She is a professional Trainer, making each session fun and is great at teaching owners! i have recommended her to my friends."

Julia Collins 

"We were looking for something we could do with our pup that allowed her to get outside, have fun and learn at the same time. Hoopers is exactly that. It's safe as her paws are always on the ground so we don't need to worry about injuries and allows us to build on current training routines and using existing commands during the course. Safe, enclosed environment with a trainer that adores dogs (and is fantastic with them) and other owners are all lovely to be around. I couldn't recommend Hoopers and Rachel highly enough"

James Hardacre

"Canine Hoopers with Rachel is the absolute highlight of my dogs week! i love the mental stimulation it provides us both, as well as the relationship boost! The classes are fun relaxed and the hour just disappears too quickly!" 

Clare Jarmaine

"I was looking for a safe and most importantly a fun activity I could do with my 5 dogs. Hoopers is an amazing sport and you learn a lot about how to handle your dog around a course. Rachel our instructor is incredibly helpful and supportive and we have passed some of the Canine Hoopers World Progress Award Levels due to her excellent teaching. The classes are fun varied and everyone is supportive or each others effects. I highly recommend giving Hoopers a go you wont regret it!"

Nicki Skinner

"For Jazz and I it's fun, quality time together,  Jazz is definitely more responsive to his cues in general and I would definitely recommend Hoopers, especially for fun as its a good all round healthy, fun learning experience"

Michelle Ingleton

"What we love about Hoopers is being able to spend time completely focused on each other and having fun. I feel we have a stronger bond and my dogs looks at me a lot more. 100 percent I would recommend Hoopers, Rachel provides an enthusiastic and fun time for owner and dog in a safe environment. We love every session and always leave each one smiling, laughing and exhausted" Anita Wood

"Me and my puppy really enjoyed the course. Rachel was brilliant at recognising what we needed to do to improve and was happy to answer any questions. I can really see the difference in how my puppy responds to me." 

Eloise Hentry

“For one hour a week over 8 weeks we attended Puppy Hoopers. It has been wonderful. Small group sessions delivered in a calm, positive way. The puppy training covered numerous aspects such as a sit, lie, and recall building a confident owner and puppy. We learnt such a lot whilst having fun that we have signed up again.”

Jayne King

"My dog and I have completed our first level of hooper training with Rachel. She is amazing: she makes it fun for owners and dogs, is patient and caring and always looks for ways to work around any problems which might come up. Dogs are unpredictable and, like humans, have good and bad days! She always manages to get the best out of them and teaches us humans to do the same. We have already signed up for the next one and can’t wait to start!" Fiona Bohn

"I have just finished a puppy course with Rachel (Enriched Dog Training UK). It was fantastic, great fun and focused on building a strong bond between me and my pup in a positive and supportive environment. Rachel is a brilliant trainer, very knowledgeable and reassuring. I am Really looking forward to the next set of classes!"

Lauren Heawood

"I came to Hoopers for something to entertain my dog, but found my son and Ralph enjoying it together and forming a  much stronger bond. They both really enjoy it and keep asking when the next session is, even practising at home! Fun activity for dogs and humans alike"

Jessica Warren