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Canine Hoopers

Canine Hoopers World is an amazing inclusive activity for dogs and their owners. Canine Hoopers combines a series of hoops, barrels and tunnels.


Dogs and their owners work together as a team to navigate the obstacles around courses. This helps building confidence whilst working in partnership and having lots of fun.

Hoopers is suitable for all breeds and ages of dogs and their owners. It is a low cost, low impact activity and everyone is invited!

Come join us in our dog training secure rural location in Mid Sussex, you won't be disappointed!

As a Canine Hooper World Instructor and Assessor Rachel follows the code of conduct of Canine Hoopers World, and Canine Hoopers World Progress Awards.


Rachel maintains a high level of professionalism, and use force free, positive reinforcement modern training methods when teaching Hoopers. The use of aversive methods is not permitted in our Canine Hoopers World Classes

Rachel is a Quadruple award winner:

Animal Trainer of the Year

Dog Training Services of the Year & Best Dog Training Services of the Year

If you would like to book on to a Hoopers class (6 week course) or 1-1s please get in touch via our contact page link below. 

What our owners really think!


Hugo and I did Rachel’s puppy class. I would highly recommend it. We learnt loads. Hugo (Cockapoo) loved the Hoopers part too. Rachel is a great trainer. Very patient and always on the end of the phone with tips and suggestions. She also came to our house for a 121 session to help with Hugo being so mouthy around the kids, which involved educated them about reasons as well as giving us ideas to calm him around them.


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