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Gun Dog 

Gun dog training is fun for both dogs and owners for several reasons.

Firstly, it taps into the natural instincts and abilities of the dog, allowing them to engage in activities that align with their breed characteristics.


The training is dynamic and interactive experience, fostering a strong bond between the handler and the dog.  Creating a rewarding journey for the team.


Additionally, the nature of gun dog training allows for enjoyable and varied training environments, making it an exciting and fulfilling activity for those involved.

Join our exclusive Gun Dog 1-1 sessions in our secure field within the South Downs.

Rachel our Head Trainer has created a Gun Dog 1-1 sessions to offer owners the opportunity Force-Free Personalised Gun Dog Training 

Gun dog training is traditionally associated with specific breeds and hunting purposes. However is suitable for all pet dogs, breeds and ages.

This specialised training fosters extensive teamwork between the dog/ puppy and its owner, nurturing a partnership. Shared objectives in the training regimen create a heightened connection and mutual understanding and bond between owner and dog/ puppy.

Gun dog training tasks like retrieving, scent tracking, and agility exercises provide mental stimulation and ensure sufficient physical activity, contributing to holistic well-being.

Gun dog training provides dogs a diverse array of skills beyond fundamental obedience. 

The successful completion of force-free gun dog training tasks imparts a notable boost to a dog's confidence.


Dogs develop a reliance on their instincts, gain the ability to make independent decisions, and acquire effective problem-solving skills. 

If unsure if this is suitable for your dog or puppy, we encourage you to reach out to us via our contact form or by calling 07718481899.

Join us in bring this new and exciting new course to you and your dog. 

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